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Receive a quick and easy Happiness Hack direct into your inbox each weekday morning for one week.

Each scientifically proven strategy will take less than 2 minutes to do each day.

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Wellness at every level for every level.

I get it.  I really get it.  You’re stressed.  You’re busy.  You just don’t have time to waste.

I bet you’re not even reading this, just scanning for the good bits.  Am I right?

I know you’re juggling all the balls, and I know you’re doing a terrific job, but only you know the toll it’s taking.

Stress, anxiety, insomnia, lack of energy, overwhelm, chronic ill-health.  Then, when it comes to looking after your own health, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day, right?  Besides, who’s got time to sift through the mounds of information bombarding us right now? It all seems so contradictory and changes on a daily basis.

Enough! If you’ve decided that you want to make real and lasting change in your wellbeing, without any hype or BS, settle in because you’re in the right place. 


Every Level Wellness is for you if:

You just know that you really could be feeling a lot better – physically, mentally or emotionally


You know there’s no such thing as a quick-fix or a magic pill


You’ve had enough of fads and woo woo and want genuine evidence-based advice and support


You can accept that our minds and bodies are connected and we need to work with both for successful long-term improvement


You want to take control of your own well-being without being dictated to, preached at or judged


You just want to feel good...



Do you feel that anxiety is keeping you from living your best life?

Are you finding that anxiety is affecting your enjoyment of life, your relationships and connection with others, or in your workplace or business?

Is it messing with your sleeping and eating habits, your energy levels, your emotions and the way you experience life?  Is it affecting your physical body?


Are you struggling to keep up with life’s constant demands and sometimes you just want to yell, “STOP THE BUS!”?

Are you finding the day to day overwhelming you and you know you’re not handling it as well as you would like?

Do you find yourself overreacting to people and circumstances and then beat yourself up about it later?


Are you still affected and suffering?

Are you tired of past trauma defining your current enjoyment of life?

Do you feel that past trauma is holding you back from experiencing the full and rich life that you deserve?

Are you wanting to move forward but you’re hesitant and don’t quite know how, or don’t believe it’s possible?

....then it's time we worked together.

You deserve to live the rich and full life that you deserve.  Come and check out my range of programs to help you live your best life – free, in control and truly happy.

When it’s time to get your happy on….

When you’ve had enough of the stress, the anxiety and the overwhelm (and all the kombucha and essential oils in the world just aren’t cutting it), it’s time for Every Level Wellness.

Every Level Wellness is your beacon in the dark, your lighthouse, guiding you towards taking control of your own wellness and getting back to feeling good. The secret is to make small, sustainable and most of all, enjoyable changes over time.

What is wellness?

Wellness is a term that seems to be thrown around a lot lately but it is actually a term that has been around for over 50 years and refers to a state of thriving rather than surviving. You see, you can actually be living with a health condition but be incredibly well. I’m sure you know of people who have been afflicted with a medical condition, sometimes terminal, but who lived well. Similarly, we all know people in perfect health who are miserable! Wellness is all about feeling good…however that translates in your world.

What is mind/body wellness?

We have known about the power of our mind for some time but it is only in recent times that we have the nanotechnology to actually observe and document this power in action.  We now know that changing our thought patterns actually has the power to change the physical structure of our brain.  Exciting new research is aiming to document the physical changes elsewhere in the body that can be directly attributed to using the power of our mind.

Similarly, our brain health depends on our body and our physical environment. We cannot separate the two.

What is Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology could be simply defined as ‘the science of happiness.’ Whereas traditional psychology is used to fix what’s broken, that is taking people from minus 10 on the scale to zero, Positive Psychology is used to take you from your baseline (zero) to PLUS 10.  You see it’s not just enough to survive or exist.  It’s possible to absolutely flourish and enjoy the good life.  How this relates in your world is totally dependent on your own personality, values and desires.

Positive Psychology is an extremely powerful coaching tool as it taps into your unique values and strengths to find your deepest motivation.  We all know that we are more inclined to follow through with any sort of behaviour change if it actually means something to us.

Positive Psychology increases your resilience to life’s curveballs, enhances life satisfaction and helps to create a life of meaning and purpose.



The formal bits….


Kimberley is qualified with a Graduate Diploma in Wellness from RMIT, Australia’s largest university, as well as being a certified Integrative Health Coach.  She has formally studied Positive Psychology, Mind Body Medicine and is an Advanced Mindfulness Teacher.

She also holds a Bachelor of Communication and adult teaching qualifications such as a Diploma in TESOL and Cert IV in Training and Assessment.  She spent a decade creating, teaching and managing community education programs and is experienced in the learning styles of teens and adults.

Every Level Wellness specialises in weekend retreats and workshops in South East Queensland but also delivers personal coaching and training programs online.

Further, Kimberley actually walks her talk after personally recovering from stress and trauma and the resulting anxiety, insomnia and burnout.  

Read about her personal experience here (the informal bits) >>>



I found Kimberley to be warm, funny, passionate, authentic, genuine and honest.


Some changes I have noticed since working with Kimberley are- I am closer to the person that I want to be.


I found Kimberley to be fun, very thoughtful and oh so smart.


Working with Kimberley has been an inspiring experience. I am now smoking less cigarettes and taking more time out for deep breaths.


I would recommend Kimberley to family and friends because she encourages you to be your own person, in control of your own future and dreams and helps you realise that you can get there.


Kimberley is practical in her approach which definitely helps people maintain sanity in this sometimes crazy world.


Kimberley is gorgeous, knowledgeable, and comforting. Our first meeting was like connecting with an old friend!


The best part about working with Kimberley is that she encouraged me to think about my life in a non threatening way.


Kimberley’s a beautiful little powerhouse.  She’s warm and wonderful and has created this divine and safe space for women to embrace themselves – flaws and all.


Some changes I have noticed are that I have been able to dump some baggage for good. I have been able to be more compassionate to myself and others. I have confidence in managing my own mental health.


Thank you so much for our beautiful weekend. It was life-changing.  I feel nurtured and uplifted.


I learnt a lot about how to sit with uncertainty and how to separate memories and negative feelings and thoughts to be able to move forward.


What an amazingly beautiful person Kim is and her depth of knowledge on the subject was fantastic.


Very practical and extremely knowledgeable about her topics. Deep empathy and understanding of people. Empathy for the people was outstanding. Kimberley is totally non judgemental and very loving in her communications with people.


The best part of working with Kimberley was that she has the ability to be both professional and ‘real’ simultaneously.


I learnt a lot about my dreams, hopes and aspirations.


She is a wealth of knowledge and so real.  It has been wonderful to disconnect from real life and take some time out to learn about me.


Great, she’s not scary or over the top. She’s real and supportive and supportive of my individual goals


Kimberley has given me real, evidence-based tools for managing my mental health without the woo-woo.


She’s real. Genuinely passionate and authentic.


Authentically beautiful and contagious.

Wellness Coaching is guiding and supporting you to achieve your unique wellness goals.

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