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…depends more upon the internal frame of a person’s own mind, than on the externals in the world.”

~George Washington

Did you know that your circumstances and events only account for 10% of your happiness?

50% is genetic



Every Level Wellness offers a range of programs designed to teach you the evidence-based techniques to help you keep your chin up when the chips are down

We can’t control the things that life throws at us, but we can control our reactions to them.  The secret is to bend but not break; to not only bounce back, but to ‘bounce-forward’.

Our programs draw on the very latest research in the fields of Positive Psychology and Mind Body Wellness to equip and empower you to take control of your own wellbeing.

Don’t wait until you’re suffering from full-blown anxiety or depression, take some preventative measures to help you keep your happy on.

Every-Level-Wellness-quote-iconSince going to the retreat and doing the one on one sessions with you afterwards, I have not had a single panic attack, which is totally unheard of in my world. I have also been trying lots of new things that I wouldn’t usually do.

No panic attacks is extra awesome and goes to show just how much I have changed!  Plus my general anxiety levels have been at an all time low…. I feel amazing!!! and FREE! and ready to keep on taking on the world!

Thanks Kim.

Ten minutes of self-care and self-knowing that could well save your day.


You know that you’re no good to anybody when you’re feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed. It’s time to take great care of yourself.

The key to great self-care lies in knowing exactly how you’re feeling and what you need.  The best way to do this is to enjoy at least 10 minutes of me-time each morning.  A chance to tune in to your very own expert – you!

Here are a full week’s worth of suggestions for you to try out and see what works for you.  With a mixture of videos, audios and worksheets, you’re sure to find something to suit.  Be free to combine them or mix them around.  Enjoy!


Group Program

Commencing soon

This 12 week program is for you if you are experiencing any family stress – children with challenges, troubled teens, sick partners or ageing parents.

Family stress is one of the most dangerous types of stress – it is chronic and it’s toxic.  It’s relentless and it’s constant.

I know you’re trying to be everything to everyone else, but you know yourself that you’re no good to anyone when you’re stressed and burnt out.




These workshops are based on scientifically-proven methods of reducing the effects of chronic stress and increase resilience to better handle life’s ups and downs.

Designed to be delivered as a on-off or as a series of workshops, Inner Resilience training can be contextualised to your needs or that of your organisation or community group.

Drawing from the very latest research from the fields of Positive Psychology and Mind Body Wellness, these workshops are focused on promoting self-efficacy, inner calm and balanced emotions.

Please click below to register your interest and we can custom-design a series of workshops or a one-off speaking event, tailored to your specific audience.

Wellness Coaching is guiding and supporting you to achieve your unique wellness goals.

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