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Are you over the anxiety, the stress and the overwhelm?

Are you feeling a little empty? Needing more purpose and meaning?

Do you just need some time-out and you feel like yelling  STOP THE BUS!


Are you over the anxiety, the stress and the overwhelm?

Are you feeling a little empty? Needing more purpose and meaning?

Do you just want to learn how to calm the farm?



I’m hearing you!

…and I have designed and created this retreat just for you.

Join us for a weekend of relaxation, rejuvenation, fun and connection.


Enjoy the stunning surrounds of this mountain-top retreat with a small group of like-minded women and experience the true meaning of ‘Sanctuary’ – safe, private and peaceful.


Not only will you come away with a whole new perspective, but you’ll also have a new set of skills and resources that you can draw on when the going gets tough back in the real world.


Workshops and activities will explore the latest science-based techniques from the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology and mind body wellness.


The purpose of my retreats is to create connection.

Connection to yourself – your body, your breath, your mind and your heart.

Connection to others.  I often say that it’s only when we come together as a group of women that we discover that we have far more in common than we are different.

Connection to the environment. Garapine is surrounded by natural bush with breathtaking views, fresh air, mountain mist and the most incredible sunrises and sunsets.

The five major workshops and other included activities will explore the latest science-based techniques from the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology and mind body wellness.

These include relaxation techniques, gentle movement, meditation, mindfulness, creative visualisation and journaling as well as some general wellness tips. 

Learn about the science behind these techniques but also learn how to apply them in your own unique circumstances.

Price includes 2 night stay, all meals catered on site, all activities and workshops.

Retreats make you realise how easy it is to implement simple changes in your life that can really improve your well-being, without all the fancy bullshit. I think you need to live it for a few days in order to realise how much better you can feel. Rachael


Workshop topics include:

  • Connecting the mind and body.

  • Mindfulness.  Connecting to the moment.

  • Self-compassion.  Cut yourself some slack!

  • Express yourself.  Connecting to your creative self.

  • Journaling and intention setting.  How to create real and lasting change.

  • Positive Psychology.  Taking life from good to great!

  • Feeding your body to feed your brain.



Morning activity – Using movement and breath for connection and flow.

The Venue

Perched on this mountaintop with 360° views is the beautiful Garapine.  We will have the whole property to ourselves throughout the retreat, with the exception of the beautiful Emma who sneaks up to cook the most amazing food for us.

Accomodation is in dormitories of around 4 people (they are designed for up to 12 people and each one has it’s own ensuite).

Surrounded by natural bush, you will have no shortage of places to explore and be inspired.

Your Host

Hi, I’m Kimberley.  I’m really passionate about sharing what I’ve learned in the fields of positive psychology and mind body medicine.

You see, it wasn’t until I was actually teaching it at university level, that I realised how much science was out there. I couldn’t help but think, “Why didn’t I know this before?”

I sure know I could have used it in the past!  Hence my mission to pass it on.

The Program

With a whopping 5 workshops throughout the retreat, you’ll be given a whole range of information and techniques to take home with you.  These all take place in a very relaxed, informal and fun atmosphere.

In between workshops, you’ll have plenty of free time to relax, create, explore the property or get to know your fellow retreaters.

The program officially begins at 5.30pm Friday and concludes at 2pm Sunday.

Looking for more details?

I know that this retreat is not for everybody and numbers are very limited, so this might help you to decide.

What this retreat is not…

An extreme health and fitness retreat

A detox, cleanse or any other restriction

Serious yoga moves and strenuous exercise

5-star accommodation with heated towels and room service

A wireless hotspot with constant connectivity

A silent and solemn retreat

Riding unicorns and chanting ‘Om’

This retreat is for you if…

You sometimes have feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm

You have always wanted to try some gentle yoga, relaxation and meditation but didn’t know where to start

You know that you need to make some changes in your lifestyle but you just don’t have time

You might not be quite so young, slim, fit and perfect any more…hey, I tick all those boxes!

You need a complete break away

You think that ‘glamping’ with the girls sounds like fun

You don’t want to have to think about cooking dinner and whether the laundry is done. In fact, you just don’t want to think in general!

You’ve always thought that a genuine weekend retreat was too far out of your comfort zone, your budget, your league

This retreat is ESPECIALLY for you if you think you don’t deserve it or don’t have time for it.

….and if you think you’re going to let your anxiety stop you from coming, this is just for you.


Early Bird pricing expires 27 December 2020.

Regular Price



Regular Price and Bring a Friend



Early Bird



Early Bird and Bring a Friend


Here’s some answers to commonly asked questions


Do you have a program or schedule for the weekend?
Is it just going to be hippy, woo-woo stuff?
No. Actually all the information, advice and practices I deliver are very much evidence-based, using scientifically proven techniques…and good, old common sense.

Am I going to like the food?
Queen of the Kitchen will be the gorgeous Emma who owns and runs Garapine. She believes in real food, made with real ingredients and sources most of her produce from local Mary Valley farms. I can guarantee that you will enjoy her old-fashioned home cooking and the best part, you don’t even have to lift a finger.

What if I have special dietary requirements?
Emma uses real ingredients, such as real animal protein, wheat and dairy. However, she is a boss at catering to your particular dietary needs, as long as she is aware of it before the retreat.

Where is the retreat being held?
Garapine Retreat is a purpose-built, environmental education and recreation facility located 2 hours North of Brisbane. Set in natural beauty on a hilltop overlooking the Mary Valley and bordering the Mary River. Just beautiful!

What about the weather?
Garapine has both indoor and outdoor areas that are under cover. The location is renowned for cooler nights and warmer days so please pack accordingly.

Do you offer a payment plan?
Absolutely!  Take advantage of our 20 week payment plan, but be quick.  This offer expires 1 May 2020.

Will there be time to just chill out?
Absolutely! I have scheduled in free time throughout the weekend to chill out or explore the surrounds.

Where will we sleep?
Garapine has three separate accommodation buildings consisting of open plan group rooms each with their own ensuite. You will share a spacious and Eco Friendly dormitory with three friends…because if they’re not your friends already, they soon will be! Each ensuite has two showers, two basins and a separate toilet. Toilet facilities are also available at The Lodge.

What should I bring?
  • Comfy clothes! I’m talking trackies, yoga pants…whatever you feel comfortable relaxing in.
  • Basic toiletries
  • Sleeping bag or bed linen and pillow
  • Towel
  • A yoga mat
  • Any cushions etc that you feel comfortable sitting on the floor with (if you choose to sit on the floor)
  • A notebook if you like to take notes during the workshops
  • A torch will be handy

Do I need to have a certain level of fitness?
The Lodge is set on the highest point of the retreat and is a short walk to your accommodation. There are paths and boardwalks the whole way but there are also some stairs. For those who really like a bit of a challenge, Garapine has a range of beautiful bushwalking tracks, ranging from leisurely to torturous!

What will we be covering in the workshops?
I am passionate about not only giving you a beautiful, relaxing weekend but also ensuring you have enough tools and tips to take with you back to the real world. Therefore, we will be covering some of the concepts of MindBody Wellness and Positive Psychology as is fitting to the particular theme of the retreat. We will also look at various techniques to empower you to take control of your own health and wellbeing by listening to your own inner wisdom. After all, you are the only expert on you!

What if I get anxious around people I don't know?

Well you’re definitely in the right place.  Helping people with anxiety is exactly what I’m all about (see my video above).

Take the advice of a previous guest -“Isn’t that ironic?  I might have missed the chance to attend a wellness weekend, specifically focusing on anxiety, because of my anxiety!”

Still have some questions?  You can reach me via phone or e-mail, click here for details.

Here’s what previous retreat guests had to say…..


Kimberley’s a beautiful little powerhouse.  She’s warm and wonderful and has created this divine and safe space for women to embrace themselves – flaws and all.

Every-Level-Wellness-quote-icon I just wrote in my journal… the journey has just begun. Thank you my friend.
Every-Level-Wellness-quote-icon You’re amazing! Your life experience and knowledge blows me away. I think my favourite part was when we sat under the tree and did the mindfulness workshop… I felt so peaceful.
Every-Level-Wellness-quote-icon Thank you so much for our beautiful weekend. It was life-changing.  I feel nurtured and uplifted.
Every-Level-Wellness-quote-icon Kim I would like to thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to spend the weekend with some amazing women.  It was just what I needed it was a completely soul lifting experience and I came away feeling refreshed and renewed Just magic.
Every-Level-Wellness-quote-icon Thank you for having us this weekend Kimberley. You’re a legend and your retreat was fantastic. Very informative. I loved the workshops. I did some meditation with my daughter last night (she was having a rough time) and she loved it, definitely worked! And yoga and meditation this morning with the kids.  They all loved it. Thankyou!
Every-Level-Wellness-quote-icon I learnt a lot about my dreams, hopes and aspirations.
Every-Level-Wellness-quote-icon She is a wealth of knowledge and so real.  It has been wonderful to disconnect from real life and take some time out to learn about me.
Every-Level-Wellness-quote-icon Everyone was so welcoming. The location was amazing. Everything was just great.
Every-Level-Wellness-quote-icon Absolutely wonderful! A weekend ran by the gorgeous Kimberley, in a divine location with amazing women – oh, and the food!  What more could you ask for?!
Every-Level-Wellness-quote-icon I loved all the workshops – couldn’t just pick one part- they were all so good – loved the fact there were crafty stuff and mindfulness and self care. I especially loved the sense of connection between all the amazing women there, and the fact that whatever we were doing we could all have a good laugh…
Every-Level-Wellness-quote-icon All of it! The sunrise meditations are a divine way to welcome in a new day. The beautiful women we met and were honoured to spend our weekend with; Kim has a knack for louring in the most gorgeous souls. The food was absolutely delicious. And the women’s circle sendoff was heartwarming.
Every-Level-Wellness-quote-icon The retreat was tension-inhibiting, depression blitzing, good vibe inducing, rocking good time!
Every-Level-Wellness-quote-icon I have attended all of Kimberley’s past retreats and I always come home happier, blissed out and more even keeled. I’d recommend Kim’s retreats to my loved ones because I want them to feel nurtured too.
Every-Level-Wellness-quote-icon They make you realise how easy it is to implement simple changes in your life that can really improve your well-being, without all the fancy bullshit. I think you need to live it for a few days in order to realise how much better you can feel.
Every-Level-Wellness-quote-icon Everyone deserves the opportunity to be the best version of ourselves and this retreat helps you to get there

Unfortunately this retreat is now FULLY BOOKED, but please see if any of my other retreats might suit you or register below to be advised of any upcoming retreats.

Early Bird pricing expires 27 December 2020

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